Posted by Miniso Lifestyle Canada Inc. on February 14, 2022

In MINISO, we don’t talk about sorrows. Instead, we think of the different ways that can make our MiniFriends smile, and give us that winky face whenever you guys visit.

Starting today until April 10th, our Big 4 Personal Protective Equipment products: Disposable Adult & Kids Size Face Masks, Bottled & Small Hand Sanitizers are hosting some sweet surprises!

If you are buying any one of these items (or all of THEM), here are the deals that you can enjoy:

  1. BOGO on 1 pack of Disposable Adult-Size Face Masks (10 pcs./pack)
  2. BOGO on 1 pack of Disposable Kids-Size Face Masks (10 pcs./pack)
  3. BOG”2” on 1 bottle of 500 mL Hand Sanitizer
  4. BOGO on 1 qty. 60 mL Hand Sanitizer

The cold is soon to be gone, and as we are warming up, getting ready to enjoy some sunlight in a couple months, stay healthy, strong, N’ Under the support of MINISO, we are always here with you during hard times. 

Hang in there, and don’t miss out our BOGO deals, only @ MINISO .

*Current promotion is limited to in-store purchases only, excluding stores in Quebec, Northwest Territories, Manitoba and Saskatchewan . Terms and Conditions apply  


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