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Bring a MiniFamily Member home!

Posted by Jamie Lee on April 19, 2022

MiniFamily’s very first Mini-Handcraft is officially in-stores now!


To show appreciation to the ultimate support we received from our MiniFriend members, we have prepared a little surprise for our awesome Mums, or a little family DIY session where you get to build a PenPen, Memo or Pickle Mini-craft. You can keep it at home, by your desk, or give it to our loving Mothers. 

Each character carries their own little accessories that are associated with themselves, but not to forget, a “Best Mom” sign to show that we are grateful for every small and big effort that our Mums have made in our daily lives.

“Are Mini-crafts for sale?” No, because we are giving it out to MiniFriends for FREE! 

From April 14th to May 8th, visit any our stores and make a purchase to get a free Mini-Handcraft. There is no minimum amount to your purchase. As long as you are already one, or successfully enrolled as a MiniFriend member on the spot of payment, you are then all set to bring PenPen, Memo or Pickle home!

*Note: Only 1 craft can be earned per one purchase. While supplies last in stores.

Clock is ticking! Don’t forget to visit our MINISO stores in person this month, and bring PenPen, Memo or Pickle home! (or bring all of them home ;p) 



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